Family Festival
Kansas City Missouri
June 13th & 14th, 2009
2009 3-3 Basketball Tournament
Team Application/Release Form
Entry Procedure
  • Fill out the attached entry form. Please print neatly in black ink. Include all names for your team members.
  • Rosters must be completed before a team can register. Designate a coach/team captain and he/she will be
    notified by phone as to the time of your first game.
  • Mail signed entry form and entry fee to:                                                                                                        
    Forty Acres & A Mule, Inc. Activity Campus / 3-3 Basketball Tournament                                                        
    7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City Missouri 64138

Entry Fee
  • $20 per team member up to 12th grade
  • $30 per adult team member
  • This fee includes  the  two-day entry fee into the Juneteenth Family Festival

Special Contests
3-Point Shootout, Free Throw & Slam Dunk
  • $10 per individual contestant
  • Special contests are open contests with no age restrictions.
  • Rules for each contest will be posted at the event.

Entry Deadline
  • Entry fee must be received by Friday May 15, 2009.
  • Late entry fee must be received by Friday, May 22, 2009.
  • For late entries, add $5.00per entrant.
  • There will be no refunds given after you May 29, 2009.
  • Forty Acres & A Mule, Inc. Activity Campus reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games or
    shorten games due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tournament Location
  • Forty Acres & A Mule, Inc. Activity Campus: Basketball Court                                                                        
    7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City Missouri 64138

Team Check-in
  • Report to the sign in table on June 13-14, 2009 30 minutes before your first game. Please follow the
    bracket, a Saturday morning booth will be open at 11:30 a.m. on location.

  • Teams are grouped in divisions with other teams of similar age. All teams guaranteed at least two games.


  1. Each team may use up to 4 players for each game.
  2. Games must be started  with 3 players but can be competed with only 2 players
  3. All Games will be to 11 points or 15 minutes whichever comes first.
  4. All players must have proper I.D. with them at all times. (School I.D. is okay)
  5. A coin flip will determine the first possession.
  6. The ball will change possession after each basket. No "make-it" / "take-it".
  7. The ball will be "taken back" on every change of possession. (Anywhere beyond the three point line).         
    Failure to take the ball back will result in loss of possession and any points resulting from the possession.
  8. The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put into play. The ball must be passed in to
    begin play, no violation (recheck). When in-bounding the ball, a minimum of 3 feet must be allowed by the
    defense for the offense to in-bound the ball, 5 second rule to inbound ball.
  9. After all fouls, or balls out of bounds, the ball will be taken out at the top of the key, outside of the three point
  10. If a shot is taken from behind the three point line, is missed, and the shooter is fouled, he/she will get two
    free throws. If a shot is taken from behind the three point line, is made, and the shooter is fouled, no free
    throws will be awarded. The basket counts as two points (per 3-on-3 rules), the foul is registered, and the
    ball changes possession.
  11. If a game is ended at 15 minutes, the team in the lead will be declared the winner. If a game reaches this
    time limit in a tie, the teams will play overtime until one team leads by 1. That team will be declared the
    winner. Possession will be determined by a coin flip.
  12. In the championship game, if the team from the losers’ bracket defeats the team from the winners’ bracket,
    the teams will play each other again for the championship.
  13. No dunking is allowed in warm-ups. Dunking allowed in official games only.
  14. Players must have like-colored jerseys, for each player on the roster. Teams reporting for play without like-
    colored jerseys will result in the opposing team shooting 2 technical foul shots prior to the start of the game,
    plus possession of the ball. If both teams report for play without like-colored jerseys, both teams will shoot 2
    technical foul shots and possession will be determined by coin flip
  15. Jump balls go to the defense.
  16. Teams can play up but not down
  17. No rough play
  18. No profane language will be allowed
  19. 10’  goal for all Divisions
  20. Parents and spectators can be ejected from the event for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  1. All Games will be 15 minutes.
  2. Before games, both teams will warm-up for 2 to 3 minutes or at the discretion of the game captains or
    referee. Game time is forfeit time.
  3. Each team is allowed two 30 second timeouts. The timeouts stop play but the clock continues to run. In the
    last minute of play, the clock will stop on all dead ball situations.
  4. Stalling (freezing the ball) is not allowed. An "unwritten" 30-second clock is in effect at all times, and may be
    enforced by court monitors at their discretion. Failure to attempt a shot (and "draw iron") in 30 seconds,
    after being warned by the referee, will result in a loss of possession. In addition, neither team can stall in the
    last 5 seconds of a game in a ball check-in situation. If stalling occurs, the clock will be stopped and
    restarted only by an in-bound pass.

  1. The scorekeeper will count and record all team fouls on the score sheet, beginning with the sixth team foul.
    Any player fouled in the act of shooting, or after 5 team fouls, will be awarded one free throw. For the first
    five fouls, the ball is taken back by the fouled team, at the top of the key, to resume play. The ball will
    change possession after all free throws, whether the free throw was made or not.
  2. If a player, in the act of shooting, makes the basket, the basket counts and the ball changes possession.
    The foul is counted on the score sheet as a team foul. If the basket is missed, one free throw will be shot as
    explained above.
  3. Flagrant or continuous misconduct may result in the dismissal of the offending player(s). If the referee rules
    a foul was intentional, the player fouled will shoot two free throws and retain possession. Two intentional
    fouls will result in automatic ejection from the game. Anyone involved in fighting, for any reason whatsoever,
    will be ejected from the tournament.
  4. An individual player can foul out of a game when receiving the fifth personal foul, but may also be ejected by
    the official for cause.
  5. Any substitutions may be made after a basket, a foul shot, or any stoppage of play.
  6. "Trash talk" will not be allowed.
  7. All technical fouls will be awarded two free throws plus possession of the ball.

Competition Is By Division
  1. Because the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is a double elimination tournament,
  2. Teams forfeiting their first game in the tournament are forfeited out of the tournament, and penalty points will
    be assessed.
  3. If a team forfeits a game after having already played a game or games in the tournament, that forfeit will be
    counted as a loss.

Awards will be given to Division Champions and special contest winners

For more information about the tournament, contact Ursula at 816-868-1200