Family Festival
Kansas City Missouri
June 13th & 14th, 2009
2009 Double Dutch Competition
Team Application /Release Form
Entry Procedure
  • Fill out the attached entry form. Please print neatly in black ink. Include all names for your team members.
  • Rosters must be completed before a team can register. Designate a coach/team captain and he/she will be
    notified by phone as to the time of your first game.
  • Mail signed entry form and entry fee to:
     40 Acres Activity Campus /Juneteenth   Double Dutch
     7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64138

Entry Fee
  • $15per team member up to 12th grade
  • $25 per adult team member
  • This fee includes the two-day entry fee into the Juneteenth Family Festival
  • Contestants wishing to compete in a group competition must pay $5 for each additional category.

Entry Deadline
  1. Entry fee must be received by May 15, 2009
  2. Late entry must be received by May 22, 2009. An additional $5.00per entrant is assessed for late entries.
  3. There will be no refunds given.

Competition Location
     40 Acres Activity Campus: Double Dutch Courts
     7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City Missouri 64138

Team Check-in
  • Report to the sign in table on June 13-14, 2009 30 minutes before your first competition. Please follow the
    bracket, a Saturday morning booth will be open at 11:00 a.m. on location.
  • Coaches are responsible for turning in parental consent form for each participant under 19.

Team Scheduling
  • Division schedules are posted at the competition site.
  • All teams are responsible for checking the schedules and being ready to perform on time.
  • The 40 Acres Activity Campus reserves the right to change competition schedules due to unforeseen

Official Rules
Team Composition
  • Middle School Division: Athletes in grades sixth through eight may be of mixed grades.
  • High School Division:  Athletes in grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 may be of mixed grades.  
  • Senior Division: Adult athletes
  • Open Division: Athletic teams of any age mixture. (If too few entries are received. 40 Acres reserves the right
    to combine age  categories)

Team Division
  1. Singles:  This team has  three members,
  2. Doubles:  This team has  four members,

  • Uniforms- Teams must wear the same shirt.
  • Rope- Team are responsible for furnishing their own ropes. Ropes may be corded or beaded.
  • Shoes - All competitions are held on an asphalt surface. Footwear should be appropriate to the field of play.

  • All divisions are bound by the following rules.  There will be (3) Sections to the Double Dutch Competition:
    Compulsory, Speed and Freestyle.  Both Singles and Doubles Teams must compete in all areas to be
    eligible for the championship contention.

COMPULSORY TEST:  This section consists of a set of five tricks which must be performed in the following order:
  1. Two right turns on the right foot towards the right direction
  2. Two left turns on the left foot towards the left direction
  3. Two crisscross jumps--right foot over left
  4. Two crisscross jumps--left foot over right
  5. Ten high steps:  alternating jumps counting only the left foot with the jumper's knee being lifted waist high
    and the thigh parallel to the floor

SPEED TEST: The jumper(s) must jump the rope using alternating footwork for 1 minute.  

Routine Score          
  • Judges will count jumps on the left foot only.
  • The each count total will be added together and divided by the number of judges
  • Any violations will be deducted from the total score

Speed and Compulsory Test violations
  1. Mistake                                                     -10
  2. Drop Rope                                                -10
  3. Poor Sportsmanship/Bad Attitude             -15
  4. Bad Entry or Exit                                         -5
  5. Jewelry/Hair Accessories                           -15
  6. Sloppy Uniform (i.e. shirt hanging out)      -15

FREESTYLE TEST:  This section consists of teams performing of tricks for a 45-60 second routine
Scoring for will be based on four areas:

  • Freestyle Routine Score    (100 points possible)
  • The routine will be scored in four sections:
  • Difficulty: (40 pts possible) 2 judges@ 20 pts
  • Presentation: (20 pts possible)
  • Technique: (20 pts possible)
  • Creativity: (20 pts possible)
  • Violations will be deducted from the total score

Violations in Freestyle
  1. Mistake                                                         -.5  
  2. Omission of Turning requirement                  -1
  3. Omission of Acrobatic requirement                -1
  4. Omission of Dance requirement                     -3
  5. Omission of Ending requirement                    -1
  6. 5 seconds to enter                                         -5
  7. More than 3 turns of a single rope                 -5
  8. Jumper out of ropes more than 5 sec.            -5
  9. Less than 45 second routine                        -15
  10. More than 60 second routine                         -5
  11. Poor Sportsmanship                                     -15
  12. Jewelry/Hair Accessories                              -15
  13. Sloppy Uniform (i.e. shirt hanging out)         -15  

Special Scoring Considerations:
  • High scoring tricks, excellent execution and gymnastics are essential to the routine
  • Be sure to include the Turns, Acrobatic, Dance and Ending (TADE) required skills.
  • All tricks should be done inside of the moving eggbeater style rope.  Tricks done outside of the moving rope
    are not scored.
  • Never repeat tricks.  Repeated tricks are not scored, even if performed by a different jumper.
  • Dangerous stunts, flips, are not scored.

Competition Violations
  • It is the responsibility of the coach to oversee all activities of his/her team.  
  • Once a team has been placed on a competition floor, it is expected to follow all of the rules and regulations.
  • Any exhibition of poor sportsmanship i.e., throwing ropes to the floor, cursing, leaving the competition floor
    before the test is over, verbal abuse to teammates or officials will result in a 15-point deduction from the
    Team Score per incident.  

Competition Disqualifications
  • (No refunds will be given for disqualifications)
  • Delay in reporting to competition area.
  • Team fails to report for the compulsory and/or speed tests.  
  • Team fails after having already competing in competition or games in the competition, that forfeit will be
    counted as zero point score for that area of the competition.
  • Placing an ineligible jumper/turner on the team during competition.
  • Leaving the competition area before the test is over.

     Awards will be given to Champions

     For more information contact