Juneteenth History

The mission of 40 Acres and A Mule Activity Campus is to provide self-development programs and events for the
youth and families in the community as well as a safe and convenient location for fellowship and growth
throughout Kansas City.

The celebration of Juneteenth began with African-American families in Texas in 1866 whose freedom from slavery
did not occur until June 19, 1865.  Historians and storytellers offer various reasons for the delayed freedom of the
slaves in Texas.  One tale that has become popular over time is that immediately after the Emancipation
Proclamation was officially issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, a man departed from
Washington DC Riding a mule bound for Texas.  Because the journey by mule was such a slow process, it took
him 2 years to arrive in Texas to spread the good news.

The celebration of Juneteenth has been a Kansas City tradition for over a quarter of a century.  When Horace M.
Peterson, III (founder of Black Archives of Mid-America) began generating enthusiasm for the celebration of
Juneteenth, there were few celebrations outside the state of Texas.  His vision was that this occasion would be an
opportunity to continue the joy and hope the slaves must have felt when they received the news of their freedom.  
He brought the first city-wide celebration of Juneteenth to Kansas City in 1980.

The Juneteenth Family Festival (JFF) is a partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhood and
Community Services and is funded in part through the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund (NTDF).  The
Juneteenth Family Festival will provide both local residents and nonresidents with a representation of Kansas
City's rich cultural heritage.  Additionally, this provides them with an opportunity to experience some of the nation’
s preeminent music artist coupled with showcasing local and regional Kansas City artist.

The 2009 Juneteenth Family Festival will be Saturday and Sunday June 13th & 14th  The festival will open at 1
with various venues under giant tents located in strategic sites on the campus and local musical talented
featured through out the day.  Each day will culminate with a national artist concert. (Jazz/R&B Saturday – Gospel
Sunday)  The cost to attend the festival is $1
0.00 for 18 and older, $5.00 for youth ages 5-17, & children under
the age of 5 are free with a paid adult
.  Our anticipated attendance is over 10,000.

This season it is our goal to attract attendees from a wider geographical area throughout the entire Kansas City
metropolitan area and surrounding states by expanding our publicity through personal contact and through the
radio and print Medias.  More publicity, popular gospel artists and providing an evening of free family
entertainment will work together to increase the development of tourism in Kansas City.

Publicity will begin in May with artists and dates distributed throughout Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, Topeka,
Wichita and other surrounding areas.  Broadening the publicity efforts will ensure that a larger population can
enjoy the concerts and venues; thus bringing tourism into the Kansas City area.
Family Festival
Kansas City Missouri
June 13th & 14th, 2009