Family Festival
Kansas City Missouri
June 13th & 14th, 2009
2009 Black History and Bible Trivia
Jeopardy Competition
Team Application/Release Form
Entry Procedure
  • Fill out the attached entry form. Please print neatly in black ink. Include all names for your team members.
  • Rosters must be completed before a team can register. Designate a coach/team captain and he/she will be
    notified by phone as to the time of your first game.
  • Mail signed entry form and entry fee to:
      40 Acres Activity Campus /Juneteenth   Trivia
      7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64138

Entry Fee
  • $15per team member up to 12th grade
  • $20 per adult team member
      This fee includes the one-day entry fee into the Juneteenth Family Festival

Entry Deadline
  • Entry fee must be received by May 31, 2009
  • There will be no refunds given.

Competition Location
      40 Acres Activity Campus: Trivia Courts
      7620 E. 79th St, Kansas City Missouri 64138

Team Check-in
  • Report to the sign in table on June 13-14, 2009 30 minutes before your first competition. Please follow the
    bracket, a Saturday morning booth will be open at 11:00 a.m. on location.
  • Coaches are responsible for turning in parental consent form for each participant under 19.

Team Scheduling
      Schedules are posted at the competition site.
  • All teams are responsible for checking the schedules and being ready to participate on time.
  • The 40 Acres Activity Campus reserves the right to change competition schedules due to unforeseen

Official Rules
Team Composition
  • Teams are made up of 4 members of any age with two alternates.
  • All team members must be registered on the official roster to be considered official.

Team Division
  • This is an open division event. Teams can be comprised of members of mixed age groups.

  • Uniforms- Teams must wear the same shirt.

Competition Play
  1. The game is separated into three rounds.
  2. Each round, the team chooses the category of clues they would like to answer.
  3. Clues are written in the forms of statements or answers.
  4. However, the team spokesperson must give the correct response in the form of a question within 10 seconds.
  5. Easy category questions can be worth fewer points, while more difficult questions would be worth increasingly
    more points.
  6. The team with the highest points wins.

The Board
  • The Jeopardy “board” is a set 6 categories
  • Each clue  has a  specific value
  • You will be able to tell which clues have been played by the change in font color of the values on slide 2.
  • When a Daily Double slide comes into play, a team must make their wager.
  • The Final Jeopardy round only has one question.

General Play
  1. A team is randomly chosen to go first.
  2. Play  begins the game by selecting a category and monetary value
  3. The host will read  the clue,
  4. Any player on any team can buzz in.
  5. The Game Operator recognizes the first team to buzz in and the Host calls on that team for a response.
  6. Teams must give the response in the form of a question (for example, “Who is Albert Einstein?”) for it to be
    considered a valid response.
  7. Teams are allowed to discuss responses prior to buzzing in, but all conversation must stop when someone
    buzzes in.
  8. The person that hits the buzzer must be the same person that gives the response.
  9. A correct response earns the dollar value of the clue, and gives the answering team the right to select the
    next clue. If the player gives an incorrect response or fails to answer in time, that amount is deducted from
    the team’s score and another team may buzz in and respond. If no correct response is given, the host reads
    the correct response, and the team who originally chose the question maintains control of the board.

Daily Doubles
  1. There are several Daily Doubles – one in the Jeopardy round and two in the Double Jeopardy round. Only
    the team that receives a Daily Double may respond to its clue. The team may wager as much as the
    maximum amount of a clue on the board (1000 in the Jeopardy round and 2000 in the Double Jeopardy
    round) or as much as they have accumulated, whichever is greater, but they must wager at least $100.
  2. When a Daily Double comes up, the scorekeeper should announce the scores of each team. The team that
    picked the Daily Double should decide how much they want to wager and then announce their wager to the
    scorekeeper. After the clue is read the team may discuss the answer, but they only have 10 seconds to give
    a response. If they give an incorrect response, the host reads the answer. No other teams are given the
    option of buzzing in.

Double Jeopardy
  • The team with the lowest amount of money at the end of the Jeopardy
  • Round makes the first selection in Double Jeopardy.

Final Jeopardy
  1. If a team finishes Double Jeopardy with either $0 or a negative score, they are eliminated from the game and
    don’t participate in Final Jeopardy.
  2. At the start of the Final Jeopardy round, teams receive their Final Jeopardy cards.
  3. Then the host will read the category the teams 10 seconds to discuss how much money to risk. A team can
    risk any amount up to the amount they have already won. Teams should write their wager their Final
    Jeopardy card.
  4. Then the clue is revealed and read by the host. Teams have 30 seconds to write their response on their
    Final Jeopardy cards. Teams are allowed to discuss their answers.
  5. At the end of the 30 seconds, teams display their cards in turn (beginning with the team that has the lowest
    score) and final scores are tallied.
  6. The team with the highest score wins.

Competition Disqualifications
  • (No refunds will be given for disqualifications)
  • Team fails to report
  • Delay in reporting to competition area. At scheduled time.
  • Team does not exhibit good sportsman ship.  This includes being disrespectful to contest hosts, competitors
    and/or team members.  
  • Placing an ineligible (unregistered) person on the team during competition.

      Awards will be given to Contest Champions

      For more information contact